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Malplas is a family-owned business that has been providing commercial and residential customers with the highest quality UPVC windows. Since we are the manufacturer, we are able to offer the best pricing for double glazed windows in the ACT region.



Our products are built to last and are tested against the most extreme conditions to ensure your quality UPVC doors and window frames withstand it all.


Our customers love uPVC because our products are built to last and are tested against the most extreme conditions to ensure your quality uPVC doors and window frames withstand it all.


We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times and will work with you to install your custom UPVC door and window frames in record time. We are based in Canberra with our partners servicing the New South Wales and Victoria.

Energy Efficiency

A typical home loses up to 30% of it’s heating and cooling capabilities due to low quality windows and their frames. Stay ahead of the game with our second to none UPVC windows and frames. Keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
We are the leading manufacturers of uPVC double glazed windows and doors in Canberra region.
Designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate, Malplas UPVC double glazed windows and doors can help lower your bills and enhance your security.


Your windows and doors play a big role in the numbers you see on your electric bill. Malplas energy-efficient UPVC windows and doors can help bring those numbers down—double panes regulate the temperature indoors, keeping your house and office cool during the summer and warm during the winter. The gas fill between the panes also serves as a barrier against sound pollution so you can enjoy peace and quiet at all times.


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Frequently asked questions

How does Remote Live Showroom Consultation take place?

Considering the current situation, Malplas now offers the opportunity for you to visit our showroom without leaving your home!

Our specialist will show you the windows and doors we have on display, advise you on what best suits your needs and answer all your questions during a live video call.

Just follow some easy steps:

1. Schedule your appointment: Please call 6239 2993 or fill out the form with your preferred time to book your Remote Live Showroom Consultation. Please also choose the platform to be used: FaceTime,  Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

2. Connect: At the scheduled time, we’ll call you. This will be time to show you options, answer any questions and to discuss your wish list for new high performance double glazed UPVC windows. We can even help you measure your windows so an indicative quotation can be put together for you.

3. Receive: We’ll send your quotation via email and we can also leave sanitized colour samples at your address for you to inspect. A follow up call can be arranged to answer any further questions or make any changes to your design.

We are open for business and would love to help you become more energy efficient before winter!

Why should I choose UPVC instead aluminium or wood windows?
There’s a good reason why UPVC is commonly used in construction, from facade cladding to roofing to pipes. Unlike other materials, UPVC has a long lifespan and can withstand harsh elements. It will not rot, corrode, or change colour.
Don't UPVC windows and doors cost more?
UPVC products are energy-efficient and require little to no maintenance and repair. They do not bend or warp, and do not need to be painted or polished. So no, UPVC does not cost more; it’s actually a lot cheaper in the long run.
Are all UPVC windows the same?
Not all UPVC windows are created equal. There are discrepancies in material quality, design, processing, and durability. Installation and integration also make a difference.
How can I tell if a UPVC product is of good quality?
Ideally, the frame should be 60 mm thick while the PVC in the frame should be about 2 mm thick.
How safe are UPVC windows?
Our windows feature built-in security, making them very safe. In addition to having a two-stage locking system, our windows are internally beaded so that the glass can only be removed from the inside.
Reduce Electric Bills & Unnecessary Noise
Spend less on electricity. uPVC Double glazed windows and doors prevent outgoing heat from escaping in the winter and keep incoming heat from entering in the summer. Using less energy to heat up or cool down your home translates to more energy savings.


Relax in the quiet of your home. uPVC Double glazed windows and doors minimize noise by creating a barrier between your home and the environment outside.

“We’ve trusted Malplas for our office’s UPVC windows and doors for years. Everyone on the team is professional and great to work with. They always do a wonderful job with installation.”

John Jenkinson
CEO, Silver Leaf

“We love the quality of Malplas double glazed windows. Malplas has the best pricing in the region, plus the windows don’t fade or scratch, so you really get your money’s worth.”

Bill Warring
CEO, Massive Tech

We’re family-owned and committed to getting the job done every single time!

At Malplas, we take quality very seriously. By conducting ongoing research and working with our profile and hardware manufacturer in Germany, we are able to stay on top of the market and respond quickly to the needs of our customers (you).

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UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Canberra

Heat enters and exits your home through windows. Malplas double glazed windows and doors have almost twice the insulation as single pane units, keeping your home warm during cold nights and cool during hot days.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Durable
  • Cost Effective
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