Why choose UPVC doors and windows?

For low maintenance, energy efficient doors and window frames, you can’t go past unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, or UPVC. This safe and modern building material is also used for cladding, plumbing and even in sports mouthguards.

UPVC is similar to regular PVC, but contains extra stabilisers to stop it breaking down in the intense Australian sun. The result is a hardwearing and durable product with a low environmental footprint.

Low maintenance

Our customers love UPVC because it doesn’t fade, scratch or warp. Unlike timber, UPVC doors and window frames don’t need regular repainting to look their best. UPVC is resistant to humidity, salt, rot, rust and insect infestations.

Natural insulator

UPVC windows and doors seal tightly to prevent heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. What’s more, UPVC is a natural insulator. It has similar insulation properties as wood, without the need for regular maintenance. Some estimates claim UPVC is up to 20% better at insulating than aluminium.

Recyclable and environmentally friendly

UPVC is long-lasting and recyclable. You don’t need to replace UPVC doors and window frames as often as you would other building materials, but they’re recyclable when you do. And since it’s a lightweight material, UPVC requires less fuel to transport, which means a smaller carbon footprint.

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