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As more and more people become conscious of their impact on the planet, eco-friendly and energy-efficient products have seen a rise in popularity over recent years. Consumers are now adopting earth-friendly practices across all aspects of their life, from the clothes they wear to the food they eat. But most folks find it easiest to start going green at home, with common first steps being switching off electricity and making use of solar power.

One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of one’s home is to install double glazed windows. You may have heard about double glazed windows on the news, or know someone who has them. But what exactly is double glazing?

What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazing, as the term implies, refers to a window or door with two glass panes instead of one. A gap of usually about 12mm to 16mm separates the panes and typically contains normal air or argon gas. This gap, not the extra thickness, is what makes double glazed windows so energy-efficient.

The Role of Windows in Energy Efficiency

What do windows have to do with a home’s energy efficiency? A lot, actually. Several independent studies have found that windows account for more heat loss or gain than any other part of a building.

In fact, an unshaded window can let in 100 times more heat than the same area of insulated wall in the summer. During the winter, as much as 40 percent of the heat in a building can escape through windows.

Double glazed windows regulate the temperature indoors, preventing outgoing heat from escaping when it’s cold and incoming heat from entering when it’s hot.

Advantages of Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows offer benefits that single glazed windows do not, such as:

1. Energy savings

Have you ever experienced a house that never seems to warm despite having the heating on full blast? Not only is it uncomfortable, it’s also expensive. With double glazed windows, you don’t need to bear with uncomfortably cold winters or hot summers, and high energy bills can become a thing of the past.

As mentioned earlier, double glazed windows keep warm air out in the summer and in during the winter, improving the thermal insulation of a property. This means you don’t have to rely so heavily on the heater or A/C in order to regulate the temperature inside the house, thus lowering your energy bills.

2. Enhanced security

Double glazed windows add security to any building because they’re more difficult to break than single glazed windows. Single glazed windows have multiple points of weakness, putting properties at a higher risk for burglary.

A single pane of glass can be easily shattered, giving intruders instant access to a home. The window frame and locking mechanism are also possible weakness points—a rotting frame and ineffective or outdated mechanism can make it very easy to pry open a window. On the other hand, most double glazed windows are designed with built-in security features, providing more protection against burglars.

3. Noise reduction

Your home should be your haven, but it’s not much of a haven if you can hear all the noise from outside and all you want to do is read a book, meditate, or relax.

Double glazed windows provide excellent acoustic insulation and can reduce up to 60 percent of outside noise. This is an especially useful feature for people who live in busy cities where it’s always hustling and bustling.

4. Keep furnishings safe

UV light can be damaging to the interior of a home. Double glazed windows limit the amount of direct sunlight and heat that enter a house, thus protecting your furniture, drapes, carpet, paintings, and other objects.

With double glazed windows, you don’t have to worry about interior fading nor is there any need to buy thermal drapes that can block the outside view.

5. Increased resale value

A property with double glazed windows is considered more valuable than those without. Installing double glazed windows is a great way to increase the resale value of your home. Don’t let the initial cost put you off; double glazing is an excellent investment in the long run.

Double glazing can even enhance the value of older buildings through retrofitting. So whether you’ve been thinking about selling your home or have no plans to sell yet, installing double glazed windows makes sense not only for this reason, but also for the others mentioned above.

In Conclusion

With double glazed windows providing more benefits than single glazed ones, it’s not hard to see why an increasing number of homeowners are choosing to install double glazed windows. Double glazed windows are energy efficient, offer noise insulation, provide better security, as well as increase the overall value of a property.

What can you say? Do you think double glazed windows are worth the investment?